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GEAR TESTS: Isotta RED64 i-TTL Underwater Strobe Review

Hergen Spalink

Davide LAmbroso

Isotta Ambassador


Red and captivating, the Isotta RED64 strobe is ideal for all the DLSR and Mirrorless cameras. Amazing for wide angle shots thanks to its 120° coverage, it's suitable for all the fisheye lenses. Sharp and versatile for macro shots as well with adjustable power for any needs and the support of pilot light (white or red). Circular lamps allows a complete coverage and uniform light with a temperature which enhances the warm colors of the underwater world. Slightly negative in the water, it does not influence the buoyancy of the housings. It can be used with TTL or Manual exposure both with sync cable as well as fiber cable. Over 300 shots can be made thanks to the 8 AA batteries, rechargeable within 2-3 hours max, included in a dedicated battery pack.

Jim Decker

Jim Decker

CEO: Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo


While we are still a few months away from release, it was great to see Team Isotta here with the pre-production RED64 strobes at the Shootout. I tried an earlier version in January 2020 so I was familiar with the way the strobe operates and its performance.

A big improvement over the earlier prototype is the battery. In the previous version it took 8 AA batteries which was quite a chore to maintain for 2 strobes and always having a backup set of batteries available, and the ability to charge 16 AA's at a time. Now they are using the same number of AA batteries but they built a battery cartridge for them that goes in to the strobe. This is great as you can install the 8 AA batteries into the cartridge and can remain installed, in effect creating your own self-contained battery pack. It also acts as the charger for the batteries. Once you put the batteries into the cartridge, it's like dealing with 1 battery instead of 8. It's like building your own battery pack but with the convenience of being able to source AA batteries just about anywhere.

This is a strobe tailor made for wide angle photography. The round flash tube has super even coverage and the light coming from it looks great. I lit a rather large boat on the house reef at ƒ8 ISO 100 pictured here with no post processing applied. I'm really impressed with the output of the Red 64.