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GEAR TESTS: Sola Video Pro 15,000 Lumen Underwater Light Review

Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo - Video Overview

Video Light Test Footage

Sola Pro Test Footage at the Digital Shootout
Robin Dodd




The new Sola 15K video lights from Light & Motion were my primary video lights during both weeks of The Digital Shootout. They maintain all the aspects that we have always loved about Solas, namely the smooth operation of the slider toggle switch and the easy power adjustment that you control with it. This latest generation is the highest output from a Sola yet at 15,000 lumens, and when combined with the new dome diffuser port, they create a very even light beam with a naturally smooth falloff and no detectable hotspot in the center. They maintain a consistently warm color temperature which helped colors pop out from the ambient light background and gave our subjects that extra boost of color and contrast that we were after. Given the lack of airspace inside the lights, be prepared to compensate for their negativity with some extra flotation. The starkest difference between the Sola 15K and other similar video lights is the lack of a truly replaceable battery. You'll still need to charge the lights themselves externally instead of just doing a quick battery swap. Light & Motion does have plans to release spare bodies/batteries, but it still won't be quite as easy for quick swaps as some other models currently on the market. With a 40 minute runtime on high, there were definitely times when I wish I could have just dropped in a new battery and continued my diving. These are a great choice for underwater video lights for any underwater video shooter, from amateur to professional, and as long as you prefer overall simplicity and operation to ultimate battery management.