The Digital Shootout - Underwater Photography, Videography, Scuba Diving Trips

The Digital Shootout - the Digital Shootout is an underwater photography/videography vacation designed to take the shooter in the group to the next level.
Join Us! The next Digital Shootout is: June 4-18, 2022
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Seminars at the Digital Shootout



How to Autofocus, Basic and Advanced
Sounds simple. Autofocus. Should be as difficult as boiling water. But not so fast. In this seminar I'll go over the practical realities of focus and how to decide what techniques to use for the scene you're shooting. 

Where the #$%! Are My Images?
The first step to improving your images in post is being able to find them. Learn how to get your photo library organized and keep it that way. We'll also cover various methods for troubleshooting common Lightroom Catalog snafus, and get you set up for smooth sailing during the shootout.

Stupid Simple Macro Manual Exposure 
For 99% of what we do auto exposure is our enemy in underwater photography. In this seminar I'll boil it down and show you how simple macro manual exposure is for underwater photography. 

Essential Creative Workflow
It's easy to move the Develop Module sliders, but it's hard to know which ones to use and why. Learn the best practices for a creative workflow in Lightroom, from global to local tools including backscatter removal and round-tripping to Photoshop. This is the fun stuff!

Getting the Blues (or Greens) Right—The First Step in Wide Angle Exposure 
Wide angle photography is a delicate balancing act between the underwater natural light from the sun and the artificial light from your strobes. Learn the proper order of setting up a shot and starting it off right with the right color blue.

Dial-A-Blue and Other Image Sorcery in Lightroom
How to get rid of unwanted ambient light, and optimize the colors of your image in post. You'll learn multiple ways to white balance and color correct for near-miraculous results. We'll also take a look at the best methods for black & white conversion.

The Zen of Underwater Strobe Placement 
I often get asked "Where do I put my strobes?" to which my response is "What do you want to light?" By asking this simple question, learn where to place your strobes for what YOU want to light and improve both your lighting and your composition.

Repositioning your Strobes in Post
Lightroom gives you an unlimited number of virtual strobes to place wherever you like, and seemingly magical tools to adjust your original, in-camera capture. Learning how to re-light your images in post is the single most powerful thing you can do to improve the ultimate quality of your shots.

Whether you're using your rig for the first time, haven't been diving and shooting for awhile, or have questions on how to set-up your rig for optimal performance, the staff at the Digital Shootout will start you off right with a gear prep workshop to help you put your rig together.
• Camera settings
• Housing set up
• O-ring maintenance
• Strobe set up
• Lens and port choices

Great images happen when everything comes together at that magical moment. Sometimes you get lucky... but when the action is happening, it's nice to rely on practiced methods. Berkley White of Backscatter will share his pre-dive and in-water techniques that are the foundation of making great images.
• Keep focus from controlling your compositions
• Essential strobe placement and multi-subject lighting
• Perfect exposure by turning fewer dials
• Working with subjects for expressive interactions

Modern cameras have amazing video capabilities that are ready to be unlocked with a few simple techniques. Berkley White of Backscatter will share his simple methods to get professional quality video with consumer and advanced cameras.
• Shooting angles for best color
• Filter vs. No filter
• Essential steps for perfect white balance
• Critical focus and exposure techniques
• The hardware and zen of stability

The best aspect of underwater photography is shooting, not sitting in front of a computer. However, knowing some basic post-processing skills can turn your image from Blah to Aaah! GoAskErin's Erin Quigley, a Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop certified expert and award-winning underwater photographer, will share her creative workflow designed specifically for underwater photographers.
• Mission critical concepts for easy workflow
• No more "Where the #%*! are my images!"
• Customizing views and sorting images
• Basic color correction and developing
• Secret tricks for underwater images
• Selective editing with graduated filters and spot removal
• Layer masks demystified

This special session is a new favorite with both our guests and our staff. We ask our instructors to share their latest inspirations and core concepts of being creative. Presenters include Berkley White from Backscatter, Emmy winning cinematographer Cristian Dimitrius, Hergen Spalink, Erin Quigley of GoAskErin.
• How we shot recent projects that inspire us today
• How to tell a story that stands out from the crowd
• Advanced macro and wide angle composition
• Split images, motion blur, and low light photography
• Dirty tricks in Photoshop

Shooting video quickly becomes a rewarding passion when you have workflow and editing sorted out. This in-depth seminar with Hergen Spalink will cover the core editing concepts required to produce a professional looking video.
• Critical media handling and library structure
• Scrubbing and tagging your best clips
• Selecting audio for mood
• Building a timeline quickly
• Titles and special additions
• Export settings for professional results

Not all learning happens in the classroom sessions listed above. The Creative Cave, orchestrated by GoAskErin herself and Hergen Spalink, is a drop-in center for anyone needing help with Lightroom for photo editing or Premiere Pro for video editing basics. The Creative Cave is open every afternoon and was created to make sure you get all your questions answered.

Join us on select evenings throughout the Shootout for a cool drink and a show of the day's efforts on a giant outdoor screen. Get inspired by your fellow shooters and enjoy some down time. The staff instructors will briefly comment on each guests image set and suggest assignments for the next day of shooting.




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