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GEAR TESTS: Nauticam FCP-1 N120 Fisheye Conversion Port Underwater Lens Port Underwater Review

Hergen Spalink

Hergen Spalink

Nauticam Ambassador

Hergen Spalink


Nauticam Ambassador


The Nauticam FCP (fisheye conversion port) is a new product that will be released soon. We were lucky enough to get one of the prototypes to evaluate at this year's DSO and although it was not the final version, I was really impressed with the results.

The FCP is similar to Nauticam's other dry mount water contact optics like the WACP-1 and WACP-C but converts the field of view to that of a fisheye lens. It uses lenses like the Sony 28-60, Canon 24-50 and Nikon 24-50 behind it and allows for the full zoom range from 28mm on.

A few of the things that stood out for me was first how easy it was to light. Fisheye lenses typically need the strobes pulled back far enough to prevent flare and that can limit some of your lighting positions. The FCP is longer and gives you more room to get the strobes in tight. The second thing was the zoom range - it is really impressive! Since no full frame fisheye zoom lens exists, the closest example we can compare it to would be the Nixon or Canon 8-15mm with a 1.4 teleconverter. The FCP has a greater zoom range and the image quality looks much better to me. The last thing was just the overall angle of view. I love the WACP-1 and C but at the wide end they max out at 130°. Sometimes I just want something a bit wider and the FCP delivers along with that flexibility to zoom.

Hergen Spalink

James Emery



Although still in its prototype phase, I had the opportunity to test the Nauticam Fisheye Conversion Port during a day at the Digital Shootout, and I must say, it impressed me. As a dedicated Sony shooter, I have longed for a native fisheye lens but had to rely on adapting a Canon 8-15mm lens. While this combination worked well, native lenses always outperform adapted ones, and it seems unlikely that Sony would release a fisheye lens anytime soon.

The Fisheye Conversion Port (FCP) is specifically optimized for underwater use and is designed to transform the Sony 28-60mm lens into a full-frame 180-degree fisheye lens. The greatest advantage of this setup is the utilization of a native Sony lens, enabling faster and more accurate autofocus performance. Furthermore, the versatility of the Fisheye Conversion Port becomes evident as you can zoom seamlessly throughout the lens's entire range without experiencing any vignetting. This unique feature allowed me to control the size and prominence of the background in my shots. I could capture a subject at the widest focal length, resulting in a smaller and more distant background, or zoom in and have the background dominate the frame. The flexibility offered by the FCP truly enhances creative possibilities for underwater photography.