The Digital Shootout staff are not only underwater photography professionals, but they are skilled speakers and instructors in the art image making. We have assembled the best presenters possible to teach you the art and techniques of underwater digital photography. By bringing them all together, just steps from the ocean, we have created the best learning environment you could ask for.
Berkley White
Berkley is a leading expert in the field of underwater digital photography and image processing in Photoshop. As a professional photographer and instructor, Berkley runs a limited schedule of training events and photo safaris each year. Berkley is the founder of Backscatter, the largest specialty underwater photographic supplier in the US, and a co-organizer of the Digital Shootout and Monterey Shootout. His portfolio and presentation schedule can be found at
Dan Baldocchi
Underwater digital photography equipment expert Dan Baldocchi has been part of the Light & Motion team for the past eight years. From the humble beginnings of early digital cameras to the latest digital SLRs, Dan has been an industry expert in the evolution of underwater digital photography. Leading photo expeditions since 1998, and as co-founder of the Digital Shootout, Dan has introduced countless divers to the exciting world of underwater digital photography.


Mary Lynn Price
Mary Lynn Price is a video journalist, underwater videographer, and pioneering video podcaster based in San Diego, California. Her work has appeared in nationally broadcast documentaries, award-winning news packages and educational productions. She is a certified Apple Pro in Final Cut Pro 6 and teaches video editing on land and at sea. She produces the widely distributed DiveFilm Podcast Video, as well as videos and podcasts for numerous online news and travel organizations. For more information see Mary Lynn's website.

    David Fleetham
David Fleetham's photographs have been published around the globe, with well over one hundred magazine covers to date. He began diving and photographing underwater in 1976 and has been in Hawaii since 1986. In 1991 his photograph of a sandbar shark appeared on the cover of LIFE. It is the only underwater image to ever be published on the cover. His award winning work has been published by National Geographic (he has done several assignments for The NGS), The Cousteau Society, and every North American diving publication. For more information see David's website.
    Lenny Bucko
Len has a long history in photography on the land, air, and sea. A certified SCUBA diver since 1956, an Airline Transport Pilot and holder of a 100 Ton U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license have allowed Len to capture images in many varied locations.

Len’s images have been featured in many aviation, travel, and diving magazines . Most recently they were seen in Advanced Diver Magazine and in ads by PADI and National Geographic to promote their new diver certification program. Len’s expertise earned him the position of Dive Coordinator/Underwater Production Manager for the IMAX film “Journey into Amazing Caves” and the feature film “The Cave”.
    Daniel Brown
Daniel worked for Adobe Systems Inc. in the role of "Senior Evangelist" on the Photoshop, Premiere, and Lightroom teams applying his experience "in the trenches" to product development, demonstrations, and communication with customers at industry events world-wide.

In 2001, Daniel got his first taste of both diving and, simultaneously, underwater photography and has been hooked ever since. He has spoken at several Digital Shootout events and regularly contributes to Stephen Frink's "Digital Immersion" classes.

Daniel also writes a blog about his first underwater housing purchase at and has a few Photoshop tips and tricks online at
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