The Digital Shootout was founded in 2001 by Berkley White and Dan Baldocchi.  Our goal was to create the ideal environment to learn underwater photography at some of the world’s best Scuba diving destinations.  We combine the latest technology and innovative techniques with world class diving and a warm and friendly atmosphere to teach and inspire you to make the best underwater images.
Berkley White
Berkley is a leading expert in the field of underwater digital photography and image processing in Photoshop. As a professional photographer and instructor, Berkley runs a limited schedule of training events and photo safaris each year. Berkley is the founder of Backscatter, the largest specialty underwater photograp
hic supplier in the US, and a co-organizer of the Digital Shootout and Monterey Shootout. His portfolio and presentation schedule can be found at
Dan Baldocchi
Underwater digital photography equipment expert Dan Baldocchi has been part of the Light & Motion team for the past eight years. From the humble beginnings of early digital cameras to the latest digital SLRs, Dan has been an industry expert in the evolution of underwater digital photography. Leading photo expeditions since 1998, and as co-founder of the Digital Shootout, Dan has introduced countless divers to the exciting world of underwater digital photography.
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